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Being in control of your own time is the ultimate reward. 
We all want to spend less time behind a desk and more quality time with friends and family, right? The good news? You can, and Business In A Box is exactly what you need to achieve both profit and pleasure from the outdoors. This is where we come in. 

Business In A Box helps you turn your hobby or passion into the lifestyle, income, and impact you’ve always wanted to have. We’ve spent years consulting and advising entrepreneurs and owners across all industries and business sizes.

We’ve taken everything we’ve learnt, and we’ve distilled it into a plan that turns the traditional outdoor business on its head. 

Business In A Box is a step-by-step programme and business plan that you can follow to attract customers who are desperate to pay for your product or service, and it helps create a customer journey that keeps them coming back.

On top of all of this, you get the support of WGO to guide you on your journey, every single step of the way. Bottom line: there’s nothing else like this.

HERE'S whatS inside THE box


It's a tried-and-trusted business plan

IT'S built on successful businesses

It is a proven, simple-to-follow business model that’s built on successful businesses.

How do we know it works?

Well, all our existing affiliates are proof!



You’ll get instant, non-stop access to the WGO University where you’ll get all the training you need to wow your clients and build your business with your personal goals in mind. Want to earn $75,000 profit in your first year? No worries, we can help you achieve this!

You run the business, WE DO THE ADMIN

we do all the heavy lifting

We provide a super resource pack of lesson plans, assessments, 
customer relationship management systems and more (just to name a few).
We’ll do all the heavy lifting so you can just run your business.

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CONSTANT Guidance & Support

We've GOT

your back

Ongoing coaching, mentoring and support: we’re always here for you, and we’ll make sure you don’t make the same mistakes that so many outdoor business owners make.


YOU'LL Become an Affiliate

Becoming an affiliate means you’re now part of our tight-knit family, and you’ll be able to join us on vacations and the amazing affiliate-only activities we plan. You’ll even get awesome presents from us. It gives you all the advantages of being in a family, but without any of the drama and politics!

Box Contents Summary
  • Easy-to-follow business model​
  • Unlimited Access to WGO University​
  • Training by WGO Team​
  • A Super Business Resource PAck​
  • Ongoing Mentoring & Coaching​
  • full-time support

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Frequently asked questions

We Get Outdoors is the only outdoor adventure sport affiliate business available globally. It comes with an internationally trusted brand and fanatical business coaching support from the team at Headquarters. Our clients around the world trust us to deliver better results than anyone else, which inspires them to stay on for long-term contracts and bring in referrals. Best of all, you always have professional business coaching available to help you streamline your business operations, attract more clients, and make a bigger impact.

Traditional franchise models are costly to set up, and therefore even more expensive to buy into. They give little to no room for you to grow a business that is right for you, take ever increasing amounts of monthly royalties from you and mandate certain trainings etc that you have to pay for additionally. In our experience the franchise model limits how successful a business owner can really be.

In contrast our affordable to buy in to affiliate business, with little start up costs and all inclusive fair flat rate monthly service fee, along with the coaching and strategies gives you a business that you can grow to as big as you want to while keeping the profits for you. We invest in your success by giving you a constant stream of new money-making resources and personalized business coaching. We treat you like family, because our mission to serve can only happen with your help.

Your initial buy-in and monthly service fee gives you access to your….

  • Secured and protected territory big enough to run a immensely successful We Get Outdoors Affiliate Business
  • 7 Day LIVE IN PERSON W.G.O. University program taught by We Get Outdoor Founders Rob Yates & Mark Hopkins
  • W.G.O. University Online Business School, giving you all the knowledge and skills you need to thrive
  • Proven business & marketing plan that will flood your business with paying customers
  • Weekly Mastermind Coaching & Monthly 1-2-1 Business Coaching, valued at $1000 per month
  • All the resources, contacts and guidance you need to have the best outdoor business in your territory!
  • For more information on these topics, be sure to fill out the application for territory information, so you can speak with an Affiliate Business Consultant.

You are welcome to commit to as much (or little) as you like. Initially many affiliate owners start with one location and within a few years are expanding their legacy to multiple locations! To make this easier for you, we give you a 25% discount on the buy-in price for every new location beyond your first one.

The cost of opening a location will vary by state. There is an Initial Affiliate Business Fee and the flat Monthly Service Fee. From there, the cost to set-up a location will be dependent upon the type and size of location you choose and your build-out requirements. We have a list of recommended equipment and guidelines for what each location should have. To get a more detailed breakdown of our opening costs, including state-specific requirements, fill out the application for territory information here so you can speak with an Affiliate Business Consultant.

Great question. YES, you will have a protected territory. We ensure that each territory has a population density big enough to support you having a successful business flooded with paying customers.

We may only share our Affiliate Business Agreement with people who have expressed interest in opening a We Get Outdoors Affiliate Business. To start that process, simply fill out the application for territory information here so you can speak with a Affiliate Business Consultant. We’ll get in touch with you then and guide you through the process.

Yes, you should. Simply filling out our availability enquiry form is no guarantee that we will give you the opportunity to start an We Get Outdoors Affiliate Business. Before you can qualify, we need to speak with you on the phone to make sure you are a good fit for us.

We only accept people we believe are hardworking and truly committed to success. If you put in the work, our business model will give you the power to build a business that you can easily expand into multiple locations. Our model is designed to multiply your wealth, be the very best version of you, leave a legacy for your kids, have an epic lifestyle and help you change lives in your community.

Does it work for everyone? No. We occasionally receive enquiries from people who are lazy or not committed. We politely tell those people to look into other business opportunities.

If you are committed to building wealth for you and your family, and committed to changing lives in your community through the outdoors, then fill out the enquiry form here so you can speak with an Affiliate Business Consultant. It’s the only way you’ll ever know for sure if this is the right opportunity for you.

We hope that the FAQ’s answered all of your questions. If you’re interested in learning more about being a We Get Outdoors Affiliate Business owner and seeing the opportunity that’s available to you, please fill out the form below. Once we receive your form, we will reach out to you to set-up an introduction call to see if becoming a We Get Outdoors Affiliate Business owner will be a good fit for you.

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