We are committed to preserving the outdoors for future generations.

We want YOU to be part of the story and to come on the journey with us. It’s time to become an outdoor ambassador.


Why We Get Outdoors?

You may be part of the WGO community already or are finding us for the first time. We want to share why you should be part of WGO, what we stand for, and what we aim to achieve.

Let’s start with our slogan, ‘Explore happiness. Get paid in Success.’ By understanding it, you’ll appreciate WGO. You’ll see why this community is making a difference in the outdoors. WGO is the only outdoor company 100% dedicated to helping the entire outdoor community. Why we are passionate to grow, educate, and protect the outdoors.

So what does ‘Explore happiness. Get paid in success’ actually mean?

There’s something special about going outdoors. A sudden peace. A realisation that the world doesn’t always travel at 100mph. There’s this feeling of being back in control and an appreciation of stepping out of our comfort zone and experiencing something new. Every trip in the outdoors is different. 

We’re all equal outdoors and need to rely on our own skills or work together and leverage our collective skills. We can’t rely on technology to answer all our questions; we need to work stuff out ourselves outside! There’s a rawness about going outdoors that is becoming harder and harder to find anywhere else. It’s a regeneration of mind and body. You’re left with a sense of calm, and it replenishes the soul! It heals the mind. It hardens the body. It is the most incredible mind and body gym.

By exploring the outdoors, you find happiness. By knowing what makes you happy, you start a journey that leads you to success. The outdoors is our happy place. It’s somewhere that you can explore and learn. Somewhere you can visit and grow. A place that allows you to regenerate. Whatever your definition of success – the outdoors provides it.

Even if it’s just a walk in your local park, you will still explore happiness and end the walk feeling ‘better’. You’ve been paid in success.
Now, imagine growing an outdoor business based on your passion. What could be better? You’ll get paid for success, be it financial or in your lifestyle. You’ll no longer be trapped in a job that makes you miserable.

Explore happiness. Get paid in success.

Why should you be part of WGO

We Get Outdoors aims to do two things. First, it gives you a place to enjoy everything you do today. Somewhere to meet up with fellow outdoor enthusiasts, a place to share your adventures, a home to have lots of fun with our quizzes and game shows. It’s a family that offers you the support you need to start an outdoor business or grow your current one. 
It is the home of the outdoors.

We are building We Get outdoors to be a community of people that

  • Have a shared love of the outdoors
  • Appreciate everything about the outdoors
  • Recognize that fun and safety are the two core philosophies of the outdoors
  • Ongoing Mentoring & Coaching​

Currently, we have 45 countries represented in the Crew. That’s a pretty diverse community! So if you want to know more about a different location, places to visit, trips to go on, open up a new customer market, then we have a home and a community for you.

We have over 140 outdoor businesses that have started their journey with WGO through our Outdoor Business Promo Series. These are outdoor businesses committed to serving their customers, community, and the outdoors, and that’s who we’re supporting.

Are we doing everything we want to? Of course not. There is so much more we want to do. We want to host meet-ups and outdoor business seminars, launch games and bring out our own fantastic range of gear. We want to expose us all to new skills and new ideas. We want to launch an outdoor business model that will bring profit to the owners and enjoyment to all their customers.

We want you to feel more at home at We Get Outdoors.

What are we hoping to achieve?

We Get Outdoors has three main areas of passion that drive us every day. We look at it like the three main parts of the outdoors that we love: water, mountains, and the forest. So, if you look at our logo, you’ll see the water and mountains standing proud, and then, for us at least, WE GET OUTDOORS looks like a forest!

areas of passion that drive us every day

The Three We Get
Outdoors Pledges

Mountains = Grow

Did you know that Mount Everest grows about 2cm each year? So mountains rise, We Get Outdoors is committed to growing the outdoors and the outdoor industry.

Our Pledge - By creating a fun and engaging community to experience the outdoors. By helping outdoor business owners build the life they want. We will GROW the number of people who love the outdoors.

Water = Education

Those of us who can swim got taught. We took lessons. Water is something to treat with respect and a place where education is critical.

Our Pledge - By hosting competitions, games, quizzes, and interviews. By providing business and moral support to outdoor businesses. We will EDUCATE everyone to have fun and be safe in the outdoors.

Forest = Protect

1.5 acres of forest are cut down every second. If we don’t protect our forests, the repercussions are catastrophic. We protect the outdoors for future generations.

Our Pledge - By buying land, by living on homesteads, and by producing and selling ethical gear. We will PROTECT the outdoors, so our grandkids and future generations have a playground to enjoy.

So how are we going to deliver on our three pledges?


Our aim is to open the outdoors to as many people and demographics as possible. To ensure all kids have the chance to experience the outdoors. To let people from every background enjoy what the outdoors has to offer.

Growth is crucial; otherwise, things die. It’s pretty simple. We need to build on the growth of the outdoors following the pandemic. But we must ensure everyone going outside has the knowledge to have an incredible time and be safe. We need to support the growth of outdoor businesses so everyone has the opportunity for a fun and safe experience and the right gear.

We aim to get more people outdoors through the We Get Outdoors Crew and all this community’s activities.

Through our affiliate opportunity and supporting current outdoor business owners, we will ensure the industry continues to offer incredible products and experiences to the outdoor community.

We do this through two primary arms:

The Outdoor Enthusiast

The Outdoor Business Owner


Education is a vital part of sustainability and leaving a legacy. We’re focusing on two key groups. Firstly, the outdoor enthusiasts by helping them increase their knowledge and skills in the outdoors. We do this by introducing leading outdoor experts to the community through our interviews. We host game shows, quizzes, and competitions that highlight the outdoors. We produce our very own videos, articles, and information on the outdoors. 

The second group we work with is the current and future outdoor business owners. We help these fantastic people build an incredible business that wows customers. We also ensure they stay motivated to offer the excellent and vital service they provide to the outdoor community. 

We do this through two primary arms

Gameshows, pub quizzes, competitions

The Outdoor Business Owner


Our primary responsibility is to protect the future of the outdoors. Both Mark and Rob are parents, and everything they do is about building a legacy for their kids and grandkids to enjoy. It is a responsibility we should all take incredibly seriously.

We are very open on how we want to do this. We want to make money out of We Get Outdoors to buy protected land for generations to come. We want to grow our homes as homesteads to ensure how we live is sustainable. Too often, people in the outdoors are embarrassed about making money. But, for us to achieve our legacy and protect the outdoors, we need money. By offering services to outdoor business owners, by selling the gear we make, and through the membership programs we have, we can invest in the outdoors to protect it for generations to come.

We do this through two primary arms

Buy outdoor spaces to protect them from development and focus on sustainability of skills, power, food, and finances.

Gear to spend money on protecting the outdoors.



We Get Outdoors co-founder, Rob Yates, is not normal. Where most people see a fast-flowing, butt-clenching stretch of rapids with an 80-foot waterfall at the end, he just sees a playground! Now, as a father of two, those days are a little less frequent (he values his marriage), but you will still see Rob in the outdoors at every possible chance.  

Having done virtually every job in the outdoors over the last 30 years and grown and then sold one of the most successful outdoor businesses in the UK, what Rob doesn’t know about the outdoors is not worth knowing about. At Rob’s core is a desire for everyone who steps into the outdoors to have one of the best experiences in their life, and he brings that same ethos to We Get Outdoors. 

Rob is a visionary who comes up with crazy ideas with even crazier deadlines, but we love him for it. He is someone who you can’t wait to have a drink around the campfire with, but after five hours are trying to work out how to sneak off as things are starting to get a little fuzzy. Don’t get him started on pub quizzes; it will lead to an all-nighter! 

Having led expeditions on every continent except Antarctica and having his programs filled up before he even advertises them, Rob is one of the most engaging personalities in the outdoors. He believes in fun and safety over qualifications and boring. He never holds back his thoughts and opinions that drive him to grow the most entertaining and exciting outdoor business on the planet!



We Get Outdoors co-founder, Mark Hopkins, is the ying to Rob’s yang. Mark’s journey to We Get Outdoors has taken him from the corporate world to elite sport to camping on ledges at 3000m. He is a true outdoor enthusiast! He has now star jumped in some incredible locations across four continents. 

Mark is the builder of We Get Outdoors. He is the one who takes Rob’s crazy ideas and tries to turn them into something that makes sense. How he doesn’t have the same amount of hair as Rob is a miracle!

You’ll find Mark mainly on the trails as his passion is hiking. He loves taking his son to wild and weird places, and putting up his tent and then sitting back and soaking everything in. He’s also comfortable on the stage presenting to 1000s of people, telling them stories about his cultural mistakes in Vietnam, his bad dancing in Australia and his naked waterfall showers in South Africa. 

Mark brings a wealth of knowledge around sales, marketing and distribution to We Get Outdoors having worked on three different continents consulting at companies big and small, from some of the biggest banks to one-person health products.  

His mission is to get people to take themselves less seriously and so every week releases a video of himself dancing badly in a public place. Find it on Instagram with the hashtag #zfwednesday.


Behind every man is an incredible woman! Kat is the incredible woman giving Rob and Mark the space to do their thing! Being Mark’s sister, she also gets to boss them both around! Why would you mess with someone who ran her own livery yard at 16 and has been surrounded by horses her whole life

Kat has spent more time mucking out, riding out, grooming and doing other horse-related activities than she has done anything else. Since playing with My Little Ponies aged 16, Kat hasn’t stopped. Okay, maybe it was more like three than 16, but why miss a golden opportunity!   

Kat is usually the first person you’ll speak to in We Get Outdoors, as she is a lot more entertaining than both Mark and Rob! She is the sister, aunt, mother to everyone within We Get Outdoors. She aims to put a smile on everyone’s face. 

Keeping up with what Kat does is exhausting. You will find Kat riding in the mountains of Spain, on her SUP in the Mediterranean, playing Paddle Tennis in remote villages and walking her dog in the fields and mountains of Europe. Good luck keeping up with her. 

Having spent 15 years in Ireland, the stories and jokes she has to tell are not for the young or impressionable (that is, if you can understand her accent)

Mel Dixon

Creativity is found everywhere outdoors, and Mel has that in absolute buckets. She is an animator, graphic designer and a guru in making the ramblings of Mark and Rob into something coherent and even entertaining. Her skillsets don’t tell half the story. She has her own outdoor business – We Get Outdoors Cape Town, and spends as much time as possible hiking, climbing, swimming and enjoying everything the outdoors has to offer. She doesn’t stop smiling and is always willing to help any outdoor owner achieve their goal.


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