Ever fancied getting your business on TV? INTRODUCING

We Get Outdoors TV!

‘As Seen on TV’ is now something you can add to your profile with We Get Outdoors TV! No longer is getting on TV for the rich, famous and connected. Imagine what having ‘AS SEEN ON TV’ on your website and social media would allow you to do!


Imagine your business


Getting a business on TV should be an option for everyone and We Get Outdoors TV has made that a reality for you!


With packages starting from as little as $397 per month, you can get your business on ROKU, Apple TV, Amazon Fire and our very own FREE We Get Outdoors Online Access where our 80,000 and growing followers hang out! 


Being on TV has changed the lives of 1000s of people. We want to give you the same chance by showcasing you and your business to an audience ready to buy your product or join you for their next adventure!

We get outdoors TV


  • Episodes on WGO TV
Choose a package that suits your budget and the amount of content you want to produce – you can start at just 4 episodes!

Full support on how to create engaging content that will turn an audience into a customer.

  • Episodes on WGO TV

We will work with you to produce a professional intro and outro for you to add to your episodes.

  • Full Training

We will advertise your programs to your target market to help grow your brand awareness.

No fancy equipment needed

Some of the best content on the TV channel has been filmed with nothing more than a smartphone. We will guide you on what equipment you will need!

No prior experience of TV needed

With full training providing and a simple process of sharing your content you don't need any previous expeirence of TV to create fun content for your audience.

No Production team needed

With a storyline, phone & some lighting you can produce an episode for the channel. We also have in house editors to support you if you need!

Imagine what being on TV could help you achieve!


We know that you wish you had more time to do the things you love – let We Get Outdoors TV get you more customers so you can spend more time on the trails, in the mountains, on the water!

Speak to one of the We Get Outdoors Team and see how We Get Outdoors TV can help you achieve the life you deserve.

TAKE A LOOK AT THIS episode from We Get Outdoors TV

Simple. effective. engaging.

Here is a short video of We Get Outdoors co-founder, Mark that is on the channel! This was filmed with a GoPro and edited on IMovie! Simple, effective and engaging! This video alone has got We Get Outdoors 100s of new subscribers!


Get paid to wow your customers

Offer your clients a complete end to end experience AND being able to earn more money off a single sale.